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Q:When did CCIB and CCEE certificates expire?
A:July 31, 2003. Manufacturers have to convert their CCIB and CCEE qualifications to those of the CCC scheme.
Q:Can I pick the designated certification bodies?

A:Generally, each certification body is responsible for different product categories. When there is overlap, applicants can make their own choice. 

Q:Will my CB report be recognized by China Quality Certification Center (CQC)?
A:Only if it is issued by an IECEE CB member that falls under CQC¡¯s recognition scope, then the CB report will be recognized. CQC does not participate in IECEE's CB scheme for batteries, measuring instruments & electrical equipment for medical use.

Q:How long can I get the CCC Certificates?
A:Through Yueqing laiyin quality technology service co.,ltd.'s facilitation, you can reduce the turnaround time to as short as 2 to 3 months.

Q:Is it true that the Chinese certification body does not provide a confirmed quotation for the testing fee up front?
A:Yes. Since the testing requirement is different for each submitted product, the certification body can provide the confirmed cost only after the testing is completed.

Q:Is Certification required from the State Drug Administration (SDA) for medical equipment?
A:CNCA is responsible for safety & EMC testing of medical equipment; SDA is responsible for medical equipment production registration & performance evaluation. However, no tests need to be repeated.

Q:When should I apply for a CCC Exemption Certificate?
A:The exemption certificate should be obtained before your product leaves the factory or arrives at the port.

Q:Where should the CCC mark be applied?
A:It should be applied on the body of the product, and/or on the package.

Q:When should the CCC mark be applied?
A:Before importing or before the products leave the factory.

Q:Who conducts "Initial Factory Inspection"?
A:Generally, inspectors from the Chinese certification body conduct the inspection.

Q:How many days does l "Initial Factory Inspection" take?
A:Typically 4 man-days.


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