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What is the CB Scheme?
The International Electrotechnical Committee for Conformity Testing to Standards (IECEE) established the CB Scheme for Electrical Equipment. It is an international system for acceptance of tests. The CB Scheme - or CB Agreement - is a multilateral agreement among participant countries and certification organizations utilizing a CB Test Report issued by one of these organizations. The popularity of the CB Scheme is growing very fast. It is clearly one of the most beneficial solutions for trading in global markets  
Today, the network under the CB Scheme comprises 58 product certification organizations - National Certification Bodies (NCB) and 140 testing laboratories (CBTLs) in 43 countries throughout America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.
The CB Agreement can be applied for products covered by IEC standards, which are also accepted by the IECEE for use within the Scheme.
The products are tested to these IEC standards and most often also to the declared national differences of the various member countries. National differences are special requirements that the IECEE, CB Scheme allows each country to adopt to address country-specific safety concerns.
We keep up to date with the National Differences of CB Scheme member countries so your products are evaluated to the most current requirements of the countries where you aim to market them.
Your benefits
laiyin quality technology can help you get CB Test Certificate with low cost issued by China's NCB (National Certification Body), and accepted by 57 NCBs in 43 countries and regions.
If choosing our package offer, CCC plus CB once for both, you will get a big cost-cut because most CCC test processes are identical with CB's.    
How to start?
Please provide our Customer Services team with three basic pieces of information:
A description of your product, including illustrations, schematics, wiring diagrams, a copy of the marking plate and any appropriate product information.
A list of countries where you want to market your product.    
The full name and address of the company responsible for the product, and a list of manufacturing locations.

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