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What is the CE marking?
CE marking was introduced by the European Commission and it is the Commission who also set the conditions for use of the CE mark within the different CE mark directives. With the CE marking, the manufacturer or his representative within the EU declare that the individual product is in compliance with the general safety regulations in the CE marking directives. Manufacturers outside the EU can appoint European authorized representatives in the EU.  
The CE mark is mandatory in the EU member countries
While manufacturers are responsible for the actual application of the CE marking to their products, laiyin quality technology offers many services to assist you with the CE marking process, including: Assistance in identifying applicable Directives and Harmonized Standards. Product evaluations in accordance with applicable European Harmonized Standards. Guidance in application of the Directives, including the steps to affixing the CE marking. Quality system audits when required by the Directive or desired by the manufacturer. laiyin quality technology  private or public CE Marking technical seminars to develop and implement effective European compliance strategies.

Your benefits
We offer you a wide range of services that support the CE marking. The service can be bundled with other marks.

How to start?
Please contact us with the following information: A description of your product, including illustrations, schematics, wiring diagrams, a copy of the marking plate and any appropriate product information. A list of countries where you want to market your product. The name and address of the company responsible for the product, and a list of manufacturing locations.


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