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CQC Voluntary Product Certification System
China Quality Certification Center (CQC), the National Certification Body under the IECEE CB Scheme and the largest CCC Certification Organization in China, has developed the CQC Voluntary Product Certification system.

The CQC Voluntary Product Certification system, also known as the CQC Mark Certificate, involves hundreds of products divided into over 50 categories. Product categories not covered under the China Compulsory Certification (CCC Certification) can be subject to the CQC Mark Certificate.
As the application process for CQC certification is similar with CCC certification's, you can refer to the CCC certification process. 
Benefits of CQC Mark
A CQC Mark can facilitate the marketing of foreign enterprises' products to the Mainland China market.
In the CCC investigation on those products employing components already having a CQC Mark, no further evaluation on those components is needed.
For products found in the new Catalogue of the CCC Certification and subject to CQC Voluntary Product Certification, no duplicated testing is needed during the CCC Certification application process.
Validity of a CQC Voluntary Certificate
CQC issues the CQC Voluntary certificate after it reviews and Qapproves the type testing and factory inspection results. In general, the CQC certificate itself does not indicate a specific expiration date. The validity of the certificate depends on the regular intervals of the follow-up inspections.


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