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What is the UL Mark?
The UL Marks are registered certification marks of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL). UL is the United States' original product safety certification organization. The UL Mark is the most widely recognized and accepted evidence of a product's compliance with US and Canadian safety requirements. To North American consumers, code and regulatory authorities as well as manufacturers it is North America's most valued product safety symbol.

UL Listing Mark
The UL Listing Mark stands for tested and evaluated representative samples of the complete product to recognized US safety standards. These are primarily based on our own published Standards for Safety.

C-UL Listing Mark
The products with this type of mark have been evaluated to Canadian safety requirements. You will see this type of mark on appliances and computer equipment, vending machines, household burglar alarm systems, lighting fixtures and many other types of products.

C-UL-US Listing Mark
This classification marking is used for products going into the Canadian and US marketplace. It shows that compliance with both Canadian and US requirements for classified products has been met.

Classification Mark
Products carrying this mark have been evaluated for specific properties, a limited range of hazards, or suitability for use under limited or special conditions. Typically, products classified by UL fall into the general categories of building materials and industrial equipment.     

Recognized Component Mark for Canada and the United States
The UL Recognized Component Mark may be used on component parts that are part of a larger product or system. It is certified by UL to both Canadian and US requirements. These components may have restrictions on their performance or may be incomplete in construction.


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